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Regulation AC - The research analyst(s) whose name(s) appear(s) on the front cover of this report certify that: all of the views expressed in this report accurately reflect their personal views about the subject company or companies and its or their securities, and that no part of their compensation was, is, or will be, directly or indirectly, related to the specific recommendations or views expressed in this report.

Required Disclosures

Potential Conflicts: Altice NV, BT Group, Charter, Comcast, Deutsche Telekom, eBay, Liberty Global, Microsoft, Netflix, Oracle, Orange, Orange Belgium, Salesforce, ServiceNow, SFR Group, Tableau, Technicolor, T-Mobile US, Vivendi, VMware, Vodafone. – The analyst or a member of the analyst's household owns equity securities in these companies.

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Buy (B), Neutral (N) and Sell (S) – A Buy-rated stock is projected to outperform the analyst’s industry coverage universe and rise in price over the next 12 months. A Neutral-rated stock is projected to perform in line with the analyst’s industry coverage universe over the next 12 months. A Sell-rated stock is projected to underperform the analyst’s industry coverage universe and decline in price over the next 12 months. Being assigned a Buy or Sell rating is determined by a stock's absolute return potential, related investment risks and other factors, which may include share liquidity, debt refinancing, estimate risk, economic outlook of principal countries of operation, or other company, political, regulatory, competitive, technological or industry considerations. A stock's absolute return potential represents the difference between the current stock price and the target price over a period as defined by the analyst, and may also include dividends or other forms of capital return forecast due to be paid over the target price period, if the analyst considers that they may be material.
Distribution of Ratings - As of 31 March 2019, 37.4% of stocks covered were rated Buy, 35.3% Sell and 27.3% Neutral.

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