Arete was founded in early 2000 on the principles of independence, exclusivity and insight, taking its name from an ancient Greek word meaning "excellence and virtue". Arete was established at the peak of the dot-com bubble, with the primary aim of starting a renaissance in equity research; returning it to its roots of helping investors make better informed decisions, and unearthing the facts behind perpetually-bullish headlines. Two decades later, we are delighted by a thriving and well-established independent research sector.

Arete has proven there is an appetite and market for in-depth research that is unfettered by conflicts. Arete remains committed to the idea of wholly independent research, and to restoring the trust essential for the operation of healthy financial markets. We have never, nor will we, take any money from the companies we cover.

Arete Values


We say what we truly believe, and stand by our convictions


We hold ourselves to ethics we are proud of


We strive to be the best in all that we do

Client Focus

Our clients always come first, building long terms relationships of trust


We attract exceptional people, who work collaboratively, sharing their ideas and knowledge


We are dedicated to our chosen sectors, allowing us to continually build on our sector network and expertise